Giambi Gives B-Rob the Finger, the Middle

I thought the only highlights from Baltimore’s win over New York last night were Huff increasing his trade value and Cabrera plunking A-Rod, but Big League Stew (via Mr. Irrelevant reader Steve Whitman) caught this:

“Tell me someone say Giambi blatantly flick off B-Rob after getting a single over the shift last night, then give a hearty “F You” while Kevin Millar chuckled …

Got a little … doesn’t have the FU but its pretty good… the previous at bat Giambi hit what would’ve be a single but Roberts was basically in right field on the shift and threw him out at first. This was the next at bat.”

And I have no problem with that, especially when said finger is flicked in concert with some of the goofiest facial hair of the decade. As MJD’s shark says about Brett Favre, “HE’S LIKE A LITTLE KID OUT HERE.”

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