Fantasy Sports Girl Is a FanHouse Mess

fsg-fanhouse.jpgWith Alana Nguyen A.K.A. Miss Gossip leaving just weeks after assuming leadership, I’m not sure who’s running the show at FanHouse, but they’re running it into the ground.

Case in point, AOL’s new partnership with Fantasy Sports Girl. The ladies of FSG are video blogging on FanHouse, delivering advice and skin free of charge. Not only is it unbelievably bad content, but it’s in unbelievably poor taste and reeks of executive ineptitude and shortsightedness.

(Update: After the backlash, AOL has deleted the original Fantasy Sports Girl post from FanHouse, but you can still see it here.)

The first post went up just last night, and Every Day Should Be Saturday is already mocking, Sports On My Mind is criticizing and FanHouse bloggers are complaining, as well they should.

Stuff like this doesn’t bode well for the site I had a hand in creating two summers ago (before leaving AOL for Yahoo! Sports last fall). The new captain, John Ness, left for NBC this month, and now the new new captain, Miss Gossip, is leaving too. With decisions like this happening against her will, who could blame her?

And it wouldn’t be surprising if some of FanHouse’s top bloggers follow her out the door, if they haven’t already. Hopefully that’s enough for AOL to recognize the error of their ways and reverse course, but I’m not expecting much. These are, after all, the same people (person?) who thought bringing Fantasy Sports Girl on board was a good idea in the first place.

17 thoughts on “Fantasy Sports Girl Is a FanHouse Mess”

  1. Alana left already? Damn. To tell you the truth, I stopped visiting right around the time you left. The site seemed to lack focus and cohesion and there was way too much MDS.

  2. Thanks for this post, Jamie. The more people who are respected in the blogosphere that come out against this, the better the chances (hopefully) that this never happens again.

  3. It is always said when a place you left goes down hill — it has happened to me as well.

    I bet you would have loved it if you got the ad budget they seem to have for this fantasy stuff — the ads are EVERYWHERE.

  4. I guess AOL has the inside track on why men 13-40 actually look on the internet. That may be true, but it is sad that it has to ruin something that had credibility.

    We need to learn how to integrate women seamlessly into blogging. Like when Erin Andrews was the guest on the Blog Show.

    Ouch! I brought up the awkwardness of the interview and the fact that Blog Show is no more. :-( That was both hurtful and unnecessary.

  5. Lamentably bad.

    Even beyond the base pandering of tits and ass, consider this: the producers of the promo were so lazy that one of the models was on-screen in a modified Jeremy Shockey Giants jersey.

    I know it’s not been a week since he was dealt, but still…

  6. Wow, yeah, thanks for setting women in sports back another 10 years. At least it’s not on a site I actually read (no offense, Jamie).

  7. yes, all corners of the blogosphere must clearly reject this crap. Otherwise anyone who gave Buzz Bissinger a blog beatdown lost any last morsel of moral authority that they may have had left.

    Considering your past relationship with Fanhouse, kudos for lending your weight in picking up on this story.

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