Um, Ryan, What’s So Funny?

zimmermanblog.jpgWe were first introduced to Ryan Zimmerman’s “blog” back in the beginning of May, and promptly found good reason to mock it: He writes like a grade-school-girl all hopped up on Hannah Montana. In other words, he’s unnecessarily excitable. His latest post — from last Wednesday — is no exception. Here’s the last graph:

We have a homestand starting next week and I look forward to seeing you all there.  It will be good to drive to the park and play. HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for reading.

Oh, HAHA! I get it, I get it, because driving to the ballpark is hilar … wait, no. No, I don’t get it at all. What are we laughing at here? And this isn’t just your normal “haha” laugh. No sir. This shit is so hilarious that it requires “haha” times two to the power of caps lock plus triple exclamation marks.

Maybe Zimmerman was just preemptively laughing at how hilariously pathetic the team was about to start playing. Since the day after Ryan penned this gem, the Nats have been shut out thrice, scored a total of two runs and are hitting .133. HAHAHAHA!!!

9 thoughts on “Um, Ryan, What’s So Funny?”

  1. I think we all know what’s going to happen here. He plans on running over several pedestrians on the way to the ballgame. For his enjoyment.

    That or he’s actually Kefka from Final Fantasy III. I haven’t ruled out either.

  2. This shit is so hilarious that it requires “haha” times two to the power of caps lock plus triple exclamation marks.”


  3. HAHAHAHA!!! thats good stuff there.

    but seriously im sick of the Nat’s. They were cool for the 1st year when they were in 1st place after the all star break. but then they dicked over Frank Robinson.

    Now the got dukes (no comment), doughboy at ss, worlds most fragile human at 1st. and Zimmerman with his little shoulder injury should just retire.

    Whatever happened to sending a player to the minors when they suck?? nats dont believe in that. Kearns and his 170 ba should be sent down to the peewee league.

    just get this circus out of washington, go to another city nats. need more air time for real teams around here.

  4. Mayor where were you this weekend at Ashburn? I was looking forward to a sighting and possible joint Derrick Frost heckling.

  5. I was in the studio, performing on the new DTC rap track for opening day against the Saints.

    Im going to be Ohio this weekend with the DTC. Hollar at me, I will be wearing a new Mayor shirt, holding a megaphone and higher than a satellite. Can’t miss me.

  6. Maybe the joke is about Zimmerman’s loss of power or the fact the team still milks his opening Walk Off HR like it was a playoff game and not just 1/162.

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