Zorn Breaks Out His Bag of Toys

We first learned of the Zorn Star’s penchant for abnormal QB drills back in early June during the OTAs. Well, this week he broke them back out in force. Here is Colt Brennan and Jason Campbell playing a little dodgeball during practice on Tuesday (click for much larger image):


Look at JC’s cat-like reflexes and elusiveness! He can even avoid a massive, three-foot-diameter shiny silver ball coming at him at least 15 miles per hour. Just imagine how silly he’s gonna make Osi Umenyiora look under the bright Thursday night lights in Week 1.

But Zorn wasn’t finished throwing things at his quarterbacks that don’t actual resemble real players in any why whatsoever. The scene at the Park today, thanks to the Official Redskins Blog (which seems to be starting to find its way after a slow start), included Zorn and other coaches/players chucking various forms of padding at the QBs as they attempted to get a throws off. So, if the opposition’s entire front seven decide to stop in their tracks, take off their helmets and hurl them at Campbell, he’ll be totally prepared.

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