Brett Favre Would Improve the Redskins Chances From ‘Quite Bad’ to ‘Not Good’

brett-favre-redskins.jpgI can’t say I agree with the headline here, but I also can’t disagree with the maths.

AccuScore has simulated the 2008 NFL season 10,000 times with Brett Favre wearing loads of different jerseys, and the Redskins are a team that would improve considerably with the gunslinger under center:

Washington’s chances of making the playoffs increase by over 10 percentage points (18 percent to 29). However, the NFC East is extremely competitive with defending division champion Dallas Cowboys, defending Super Bowl champion, New York Giants, and the always dangerous Philadelphia Eagles. Even though the Redskins would be better, the chances of Favre leading the team to the playoffs is unlikely. In other words, Favre probably would not want to end his career on a team finishing third in their division.

Why the Skins without Favre only stand an 18% chance of making the playoffs, 12th in the NFC, is baffling. Didn’t they make it last year, and two years before that? Aren’t they returning just about everyone from last season? They’re not worldbeaters or anything, but still. And if the Redskins, a playoff team with offensive weaponry and a West Coast system, aren’t good enough for Favre’s last stand, then who is? AccuScore says Baltimore, and, all things considered, well, that’s a good point.

But this is a “D.C. sports-addled” blog, so let’s focus on this Redskins thing for a graf. While Favre knows Zorn Star’s Holmgren-esque offense from the glory days in Green Bay, and his presence would fill the franchise’s coffers, we’re just fine with Jason Campbell, thank you. There’s a great case to be made for getting him, but doing so would reek of Snyder-ism and cut too close to the scars left by Deion Sanders, Jeff George and Bruce Smith.

Update: Favre-to-D.C. gains traction as fans order new Skins 4 jerseys.

Aw, what the hell, let’s just take the pulse …

9 thoughts on “Brett Favre Would Improve the Redskins Chances From ‘Quite Bad’ to ‘Not Good’”

  1. The last Green Bay legend to come to DC got cancer, then died. So……..I’m not completely opposed to the idea.

  2. Campbell’s the future…might as well go with him.

    And you’re right…Lil’ Danny Snyder has a bad history with the such. If he weren’t the owner, then I might be a ‘maybe’ on Favre.

  3. Yeah, just to expand a bit on my preference for Campbell … He’s already an average QB, and that’s after just 20 starts, with his performance in Season 2 improving over his performance in Season 1.

    While Favre may be the better QB in ’08, JC would be better in ’09 and beyond and pulling this stunt would put the future in jeopardy for a slim shot at present glory.

  4. My friend who works at a dealership saw Randel El and JC today and asked if they ever heard of me. Campbell replied, yeah, we all know about the DTC.

    Never have I been more pleased.

    Please remove my vote for Favre and sorry JC for defecting like that. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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