Bloggers Are Going Bat-Shit in the Bronx

chris-stalking-erin.jpgIt’s tough deciding which blogger-in-the-Bronx is doing a better job so far: Chris Mottram for The Sporting Blog or Kevin Kaduk for Big League Stew. Both work for big media, so each is afforded the opportunity to go to New York, and both are directly connected to yours truly, so each is of the lowest moral character.

On the one hand you’ve got Chris, whom my association with was not chosen yet is for life. His bread is buttered by stalking, of which there was plenty at Sunday’s Futures Game. Yes, he answered your clarion call and did his thing with Erin Andrews, Peter Gammons, Steve Phillips, Brian Cashman and some guy in a Yankees hat whom I don’t recognize. Bravo.

And on the other you’ve got Kevin, who has taken Yahoo! Sports’ MLB blog from zero to No. 1 in five months flat. So far in NY he’s shown a proclivity for video, namely shooting a buckwild Bon Jovi fan and an endearing Fanfest home movie. Good stuff on both counts.

After Day 1, this thing looks like a draw, but there are still two to go, and Chris is teasing a run-in with Rick Sutcliffe at his hotel bar while ‘Duk’s cinematic skills give him an edge. Should be fun, and Lord help us should their respective forces happen to collide over a pint or 12.

Update: Chris jumps out in front with video of this fucking creep.

Update No. 2: Chris takes Day 2 with top-shelf stalking, but Kevin’s HR Derby report is a fine effort. (Did fans really chant “Heroin!” for Hamilton?)

6 thoughts on “Bloggers Are Going Bat-Shit in the Bronx”

  1. I do not think they were shouting Heroin for Josh. I think that they are all big Wonder Woman fans. The word they were using was “heroine”.

    It is a surprisingly common misconception. A lot of Cat Woman Magazine addicts get a bad rap.

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