Cooley Is ‘Gonna Rock the Zorn Star Shirt’

cooley_zornstar.jpgWhen we last left the On the DL podcast, host Dan Levy was interviewing Steinz and I. This week, he talked to Chris Cooley. So, yeah, big step up.

It’s a terrific discussion, especially for Skins fans, as Capt. Chaos covers blogging, playing for Gibbs vs. playing for Zorn, ranking the NFC East rivalries, buying a 300-acre cattle ranch and so on. Three choice bits are as follows:

1. Cooley endorses Zorn Star! When asked whick nickname he prefers for the new head coach, 47 chooses Zorn Star over Zornado, whatever the hell that is, and goes on to say our Zorn Star t-shirt “will be a big hit.”

2. Zorn is more of a taskmaster than Gibbs.My short shorts got banned. I’m a strictly Redskins-issued gear kinda guy now.”

3. Albert Haynesworth is a piece of shit. Well, he didn’t say that in so many words, but he did, when asked about dirty players, tell a story about Haynesworth blindsiding him on an interception return in the Pro Bowl. There’s a thin line between that and Sean Taylor laying out Brian Moorman, sure, but at least that dude was carrying the ball. Plus, punter’s drop like a house of cards. And, oh yeah, Haynesworth is the same guy who stomped on Andre Gurode’s helmet-less head.

Through it all, though, I do have a bone to pick with Levy’s assertion that Cooley’s personality is that of an unguarded wild card, because Chris isn’t just a loose cannon. When talking about Snyder, for example, he focuses on the positive (wanting a Super Bowl) rather than the negative (going about it the wrong way). It’s a delicate dance, and Cooley performs it deftly, but it’s a dance nonetheless.

Still, this is quite good stuff from the On the DL gang. Run don’t walk.

4 thoughts on “Cooley Is ‘Gonna Rock the Zorn Star Shirt’”

  1. I think the most important question to us degenerate fantasy football fans is whether Cooley will, in fact, BE a Zorn Star in the new offense. Many tight ends have gone from hero to zero with a coaching change. Whither Alge Crumpler?

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