Sidney Ponson, the New York Yankees and Emotional Confusion

For O’s fans, it was tough seeing Mike Mussina take the money and sign with the Yankees. Over time, as he’s been good-not-great and New York fails to win it all, that pain has dulled a bit. He’s become more theirs than ours and, if he reaches 300 wins, he’ll have an eternal “NY”on his cap. Or at least I’d hope so, because, as an O’s fan, I still say he can go and get stuck.

This is worth mentioning because Sidney Ponson, just three weeks removed from getting bounced from Texas and three years removed from getting released from his big contract with Baltimore, made his 2008 Yankees debut and tossed six scoreless for the victory.


As someone  still bitter about the way Ponson’s career played out in Charm City, and after spending way too much time rooting for the Yankees’ demise, this should, as Buzz Bissinger would say, piss the shit out of me. But it doesn’t.

This guy was out on his ass, at the end of the rope, earlier this month. My brother was joking that Sir Sidney would be found facedown in East Aruba by year’s end. And there’s still time for that. Yet here he is, beating the Mets at Shea Stadium on a Friday night. And I can’t help but smile.

Just like I was smiling back because he got shelled the day after making the roundtrip from Baltimore to New York in a limo for a Metallica show. And just like I smiled when he got arrested and jailed for fighting an Aruban judge over a jetski incident.

The guy’s a total trainwreck, with just enough talent in that million-dollar arm for six different teams to get burned by that five-cent head, and everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before he comes off the tracks. Even as an O’s fan, I’m all aboard until the crash.

2 thoughts on “Sidney Ponson, the New York Yankees and Emotional Confusion”

  1. I like to joke that Sidney once hit on my wife. It was for DC Fan Fest in 2000 at the O’s store, and he and Boog were signing autographs outside. The guy in line ahead of us was a total autograph nerd and talked non-stop, and when my wife stepped up, Sir Sidney gave a her a big smile and a wink that said, “wow, what a weirdo,” and (in my mind), “hey baby, Aruba is beautiful this time of year.”

    Later, Eddie Murray and Ray Miller signed inside, and I asked Ray, “Can you sign mine ‘Davey Johnson?'” He was not amused.

    I taunted all the Yankees fans I know about the signing of Ponson, so I have no confusion — I’m going to get hammered. Thanks for nothing, Sidney.

  2. Anyone who beats Mets at Shea is okay with me – even if it has to be the Yankees. I root for the meteor, but I’ll take a Mets loss.

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