The Blog Show Two Reunite ‘On the DL’

blog-show-reunion.jpgIf you can handle Dan Steinberg and I talking about ourselves, Blog Show, Wilmington, Cooley vs. Arenas, The Big Lead vs. everybody, blogs in general, Hitler,, the Olympics and so on and so forth for almost an hour, hit the latest On the DL podcast, where host Dan Levy serves up the program in its entirety or chopped and screwed into shorter clips if you like.

It’s good fun as Levy is excellent, Steinz always cracks me up and this is just about my favorite stuff to talk about. Plus, it’s a treat to be on a podcast that I actually subscribe and listen to. Really, On the DL makes every jog go that much faster. You know, when they’re not talking about Philly.

5 thoughts on “The Blog Show Two Reunite ‘On the DL’”

  1. Simmons’ podcast this week is all kind of odd. First, a big interview with Peter Vecsey. Then, a bit where he and his buddy re-enact a conversation between Mike and the Mad Dog. so very strange.

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