Dan Steinberg Is the Pride of Fredonia, NY

steinz-on-a-horse.jpgBecause it would go against everything he stands for to link this himself, I’ll take care of it: The Buffalo News profiled Dan Steinberg. Choice bits include Steinz watching Bills players from his parents’ lawn, writing “terrible” stories for the school paper and sharing a general malaise towards sports media:

“Until someone convinces me that whether the Redskins or Bills win 10 games or seven in a given season matters to the future of humanity, I just can’t get too worked up over the way sports are covered and the impact of blogs on our way of life.”

It’s a nice little piece, accurately depicting my friend and Blog Show co-host. Plus, Will Leitch is quoted as calling Dan “one of the best” online journalists, which is nice. Can’t say I disagree as he’s certainly one of my favorites.

And since Dan is posting D.C. media approval ratings on the Bog but won’t include himself in the conversation, maybe we should rate him. So, taking into account his work for The Washington Post and Comcast SportsNet, and “bearing in mind that you have just two options, here’s your chance to judge [Dan Steinberg]. Choose carefully, and offer explanation below.”

14 thoughts on “Dan Steinberg Is the Pride of Fredonia, NY”

  1. The Man. The Cheese. The Steinbog.

    Whether the Redskins or Bills win 10 games or seven in a given season may not matter to the future of humanity, but you can bet Tim Russert cared.

  2. If for no other reason, than his willingness to include historically black colleges and universities in the Atlantic 11 poll.

    On behalf of black people everywhere, we love you.

  3. The Bog has almost single-handedly inspired my affection for the Wizards, a team I could never be bothered to follow before, despite living here since kindergarten. Approve.

  4. @Smurphette

    That is a really good point. He made me into a much bigger Wizard’s fan than I ever was before.


    Did he write the bulk of the series?



  5. He once made a reference in a post that only I would get — it had to do with an email conversation we had. I felt like one of those crazy people that think the people on TV or Radio are talking directly to them. Therefore, I approve wholeheartedly.

  6. Brinson Says:
    June 17th, 2008 at 2:28 pm
    8% of your readership are asshats.


    That’s the single lowest percentage on the interwebs. Be proud, Mottrams.

  7. If only to counter balance the media hype surrounding NYC and Boston. There are interesting stories to be told here in the DC/Balto Metro.

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