Dutch Stick French Under Blanket, Fart

It makes no sense whatsoever, but every time the World and Euro Cup tournaments come around, I end up watching a lot of soccer. I don’t even like soccer. Or Europeans. But still, I watch, without knowing why. Maybe it’s for those few seconds during otherwise brutally boring matches when something exciting happens. In this case, those few seconds would be a beautiful goal followed by even better commentary:

(Via Real Clear Sports)

3 thoughts on “Dutch Stick French Under Blanket, Fart”

  1. The Spanish and the Dutch are straight nasty. Too bad they’re on the same side of the bracket.

    Add to that Germany and Italy both losing and it’s been a pretty terrific first week for Euro ’08.

  2. Could a Dutch Oven actually toast something? I cant help but think the high level of humidity in one would exclude toasting, but be invaluable to the slow cooking process.

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