Today’s Blog Show Mystery Guest Is …

Big Daddy Drew Drew Magary, whom you may know as a founding editor of Kissing Suzy Kolber, a weekly columnist for Deadspin and author of the forthcoming book Men With Balls. (Update: Here’s a sneak peek.)


So if that’s what you’re into, tune into Comcast SportsNet this late afternoon, or come back tomorrow for the YouTube. We can’t promise much, but we can promise that Drew will be talking about his Balls. A lot.

Programming note: Blog Show airs in D.C. and Baltimore on Comcast SportsNet and nationally on DirectTV channel 629 Tuesdays around 5:25ish p.m. ET (and again around 11:25ish) as part of Washington Post Live.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Blog Show Mystery Guest Is …”

  1. Jamie, you are a cool@ss dude, a blogging-your-guts-out champ and one hell of a pointer, but I must say… Bruce Pearl will drink your milkshake.

    That’s right… I brought it back.

  2. Steinz? What happened?

    One week their guest is Erin Andrews, the next week it’s Drew? You’d be a little shell-shocked, too.

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