Ovechkin Takes Hart, So Says NHL Shop

Japers’ Rink uncovers this great find: the Alex Ovechkin Hart Trophy t-shirt!


Why is this a great find, you ask? Oh, because the NHL isn’t supposed to announce the ’08 Hart winner (that’s for league MVP, you idiot) until next Thursday’s televised awards ceremony in Toronto. Oops! And since I have no understanding of anything hockey-related, let’s turn to three of the sport’s finest bloggers for some perspective …

Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy:

The League shouldn’t catch a ton of heat for this unfortunate leak because there was really no chance in hell Ovechkin wasn’t winning the Hart.

James Mirtle at, uh, James Mirtle:

While it was likely a foregone conclusion that Ovechkin would win the Hart Trophy, this is a nightmare for the NHL.

Eric McErlain at FanHouse:

Congratulations Alex! Be sure to act surprised next week in Toronto.

It’s that last sentiment that’s probably most important. And the shirt is actually pretty good looking, in a keepsake kind of way. Might have to pick one up myself. Once it goes back on sale next Thursday, of course.

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