Pat Tillman’s Mom Still Has a Story to Tell

mary-tillman.jpgDave Zirin is, among other things, author of the excellent Welcome to the Terrordome and host of Edge of Sports radio on XM, where he spoke with Mary Tillman last week. It’s a terrific interview (mp3; read the transcription), and here’s but one of many compelling excerpts:

I want to ask about John McCain, because I’ve heard he’s been very helpful with trying to get the truth out about Pat. Is that true?

He was very helpful initially, but I think that he believed that the situation probably wasn’t nefarious at all and that the family would get the answers. But that wasn’t the case. The investigation that he helped us get actually caused us to have more questions and at that point he started backing off. I think he thought that we were becoming sort of a political encumbrance to him, or could be.

Follow the link(s) for more on McCain, the war in Iraq, the NFL’s handling of Tillman’s death, Kevin Tillman’s developing prose, etc. from a woman who’s been through a lot yet continues to inspire. Highly recommended.

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