Let’s Tease Erin Andrews a Little Bit More


As mentioned last week, Erin Andrews is appearing with us on Blog Show tomorrow night.* Set your DVR or Tivo or what have you, and join us in thanking Miss Andrews for being such a good sport and impromptu model.

* Blog Show airs in D.C. and Baltimore on Comcast SportsNet and nationally on DirectTV channel 629 Tuesdays around 5:25ish p.m. ET (and again around 11:25ish) as part of Washington Post Live.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Tease Erin Andrews a Little Bit More”

  1. Looks like Mr Mottram surprised Erin with a present for coming on the show and when she looks down, realizes that it was dick in a box.

    And the way Steinz is standing, I got $50 saying he is pantless and the picture is cropped

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