Wanted: Yahoo! Sports Olympics Blogger

olympics-hair2.jpgSince last October, Yahoo! Sports has been hiring bloggers for and building a blogs & community foundation with new sites such as Ball Don’t Lie, Shutdown Corner, From the Marbles, Big League Stew, The Dagger, Puck Daddy and Roto Arcade. We’ll continue doing that with new blogs for college football, MMA and more (probably soccer, golf, etc.) upcoming. One thing giving us trouble, however, is what to do with the Olympics, and that’s where you come in.

We’re looking to hire a temporary-yet-full-time blogger for August (and perhaps a bit longer) to blog about the Summer Olympics from home. The ideal candidate would …

  • be able to flat-out write.
  • enjoy and know about the Summer Games.
  • have a knack for media (and particularly TV) criticism.
  • have blog experience as he/she will be self-edited/published.
  • produce ~50 excellent posts per week (see the YSB for examples).

Basically, Beijing is going to be apeshit, and we need someone to cover it accordingly. So if you fit the bill and are interested in the gig, or simply know someone who is, hit me up.

(Photo via the lovely 100% Injury Rate, who has since moved to FanIQ.)

9 thoughts on “Wanted: Yahoo! Sports Olympics Blogger”

  1. Any truth to the rumor the Chinese are insisting this blogger have their hands bound to give them a more beautiful appearance?

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