Happy Birthday, Chris, You Filthy Animal

Christopher Andrew Mottram was born 26 years ago today, one day prior to the start of Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak. As a good older brother, I celebrated by ensuring that the first 13 years or so of his life were a living hell (hence the Anger!), but he has since won me over. So please do wish him a happy birthday, or just mercilessly make fun of him if you like.


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Chris, You Filthy Animal”

  1. I hope you invited Chris to your interview with Erin Andrews. That would be a great birthday present.

  2. “Happy B-day? I do think it is a bad idea to do happy birthday posts. I mean if we all did birthday posts and all wished eachother to be happy, what kind of world would that be.”, he said with sarcasm.

    You see Chris, sometimes you have to write ” he said with sarcasm ” after you write something. Maybe you should buy yourself a Hory Kow T-shirt do celebrate the day.

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