Get the Jim Zorn ‘Zorn Star’ T-Shirt, Another Mr. Irrelevant-289 Collabo

zorn-star-t-shirt.jpgDespite rocky beginnings, we, as Skins fans, are moving ahead and pledging allegiance to new head coach Jim Zorn. Or kneeling before Zorn. Or becoming children of the Zorn. What have you, for he is the Zorn Star, and we won’t even tarnish him with “Maroon & Black” anymore.

That’s right, on the heels of the smash hit that was Mr. Walk-Off, Mr. Irrelevant is partnering once again with twoeightnine design to honor our new leader of men and his propensity for looking right at home in adult film with the Zorn Star t-shirt; yours now for the low low price of $17.40*.

So buy one today — in Burgundy & Gold, of course — and receive it in time for Father’s Day and/or the second set of OTAs!

* Use coupon code “spreadshirt227″ for $5 off the asking price of $22.40.

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