Chris Cooley’s Wedding Looks Like Fun

Captain Chaos gets awesome in all endeavors, so I wouldn’t expect any less from him on the dancefloor at his own wedding reception:


That would be Mr. Cooley shirtless — but not vest-less, no sir — as the party wound down late Friday night. And, you know, the same thing happened at my friend’s wedding, except the shirtless, vested dance sensation wasn’t the groom but one of the groomsmen, and he’s still ridiculed for it. Of course, he was also wearing his tie around his head, Rambo-style, which is a far more advanced technique.

(Photo courtesy of younger brother/best man Tanner Cooley’s blog.)

6 thoughts on “Chris Cooley’s Wedding Looks Like Fun”

  1. It appears little Cooley can pull some nice trim like Big Brother.

    Captain Chaos’ Vest is still more masculine than the Brady Quinn Wedding pix.

  2. twoeightnine Says:

    They’ve certainly come a long way from Logan, Utah.

    It’s the fact that there’s only one bride right?


  3. The whole more than one bride thing has been over for a looonnngg time. Maybe you people should learn your history better. I still think Angela is super sweet. She was always so nice. She deserves better anyway.

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