Dexter Manley Was a Really Good Quote


We thank the D.C. Sports Bog for sifting through the Post archives in search of some of Dexter’s greatest quotes. Example:

On his owner, summer, 1986: Last week, Redskins defensive lineman Dexter Manley, a contract holdout, came on WAVA and called Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke a “miser,” among other things. Manley said: “I know that Jack Kent Cooke doesn’t want to give up the ducats, but all I’m asking for is what I think is fair.”

I didn’t know ducats is a word, yet here was 72, illiterate though he was, sprinkling it into soundbites back in ’86. Brilliant stuff. Click through for more, and I like this approach by Steinz. It’s like the Nuggets compilation of D.C. sports reporting.

Bonus: The top Google Image result for ‘dexter manley’ is my buddy Andy.

5 thoughts on “Dexter Manley Was a Really Good Quote”

  1. Here’s what I want to know… why hasn’t Dexter Manley II been given a chance to make the team yet? He’s still an unsigned, undrafted free agent, and he’s a DE. That dude would be an automatic PR sensation if he made the team. It has to be worth a rookie free agent contract to find out, right?

    Not like we need an D-line help… pllbbtttt.

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