Sherrill’s Flat Brim Goes Viral in Baltimore

Baltimore draws first blood in the Battle of the Beltway, and the win was capped with an exaggerated outbreak of George Sherrill’s signature look, the Jesper Parnevik-style fitted:


That would be a celebratory Bob Roberts and Freddy Bynum, followed by Luuuke Scott, Gun Show Sherrill and a non-comformist Ramon Hernandez:


And, of course, “Orioles Magic 2008” playing on the scoreboard:


Slap-ass aside, this game was a delight as MASN’s broadcast featured O’s color guy Jim Palmer and Nats’ color guy Don Sutton, and the two Hall of Famers discussed their craft the entire game. It was especially interesting during the later innings as pitching changes occurred and they tried to one-up each other with knowledge on each successive guy.

This wasn’t just surface stuff either. It was about Jim Johnson’s hard curve being nasty enough to miss in the wrong spot and still get by. It was about Jesus Colome’s slider getting sharper since he lengthened his stride. Simply put, they went in-depth on each player, not assuming that the other guy in the booth and half the viewing audience knows everything about the teams involved. Why don’t broadcasters do that more often?

2 thoughts on “Sherrill’s Flat Brim Goes Viral in Baltimore”

  1. Doris Burke just called and said: It was money color guy talk. Awesome to listen to people who played in the game they announce and analize. Its nice to know theres a four letter network who can get color people the auidence actually wants to listen to in place to cover big games.

    It was also good the play by play guy for the Nats knew when to keep his yap shut.

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