Red Sox Fans Are Classy, Arrestable

The other day, commenter MDT left this beauty on a post about the O’s beating Beckett and the Sox:

Made the trip up for that game last night. Lots of fun. 8-man brawl in the upper deck, for starters, and later the jumbotron’s Fans of the Game, about 13 guys spelling out LUUUUUUUUUUKE on their shirts, were all thrown out for instigating with the Sox fans. In other news Manny’s outfield ADD is alive and well. I could watch him forever out there, like a human Yule Log.

Thanks to Stet Sports, we have video of what may be the brawl MDT was referring to (although it looks more like one or two O’s fans beating on one Sox fan, as opposed to an “8-man brawl” … stories often require hyperbole when you don’t have pictures or video):

As Stet points out, the fact that O’s fans care enough to fight the opposition is a great sign. Also, that’s a surprising Orioles-to-Sox fan ratio in the upper deck. Lots of orange in the Yard.

3 thoughts on “Red Sox Fans Are Classy, Arrestable”

  1. If the O’s fans fight Nats fans this weekend, I don’t know where my allegiances will lie.

    Baltimore resident vs. PG County Native

    I think I’ll crush everything in orange.

  2. Have you been to a recent game at Camden when the Os play the Red Sox? The stadium is littered with ahole chowderheads, who wave their annoying Bo Sox signs around and act like complete buffoons.

    If an Orioles fan acted anyway similar in Fenway, they would be lynched. It is positive development that Orioles fans care away to brawl and they should, the 2008 team is damn solid. Jim Johnson is my new favorite player.

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