Jim Johnson Emerges as O’s Golden God

So, I wander into the local pub on the corner outside of my place — The Corner Pub — only to find the Red Sox-Orioles game on the second most prominent television. The O’s are winning, Beckett’s pitching and, clearly, everything is coming up Mottram. (Background: Earlier in the evening, I won credit card roulette, thus earning a free dinner. Plus, I guessed the total amount of the bill within six cents(!) of the actual amount. Amazing, I know. So like I said, everything was coming up Mottram last night.)

But then, with the O’s up 5-3, things appear as if they’re taking a turn. The Red Sox load the bases with no outs and Manny Ramirez coming up. Who does Trembley turn to to pull off the miracle other than Jim Johnson, who has a 1.19 ERA in 22+ innings of relief this season. What comes next is an epic battle with Manny. The count goes to 2-2 early in the at-bat, before Manny fouls off about six straight fastballs. Then finally, this happens:

Jimmy James Robert Jim Johnson goes on to get the third out. No. Big. Deal. Of course, he did give up one run the next inning, after which The Brim came in to seal the deal with a five out save.

2 thoughts on “Jim Johnson Emerges as O’s Golden God”

  1. Made the trip up for that game last night. Lots of fun. 8-man brawl in the upper deck, for starters, and later the jumbotron’s Fans of the Game, about 13 guys spelling out LUUUUUUUUUUKE on their shirts, were all thrown out for instigating with the Sox fans. In other news Manny’s outfield ADD is alive and well. I could watch him forever out there, like a human Yule Log.

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