Nats Kick Mets’ Ass Like ‘Softball Girls’


Man, the Nats were tailspinning for a minute there, but then they went to Shea and straightened out with a spirited win. So spirited, in fact, that Mets starter Nelson Figueroa had this to say afterward:

“[The Nats] were cheerleading in the dugout like a bunch of softball girls. I’m a professional, just like anybody else. I take huge offense to that. If that’s what a last-place team needs to do to fire themselves up, so be it. I think you need to show a little bit more class, a little bit more professionalism. They won tonight, but again, in the long run, they are who they are…Even for the manager and the coaching staff to let that stuff carry on, it’s truly unprofessional. That’s why they are who they are.”

Strong words, Nelson, but slightly off-target. That the Nats’ antics got to you — 10 baserunners and one costly error in five innings of work — is why you are who you are: a fringe pitcher lucky to have a job. Your team may be good, but you’re not.

Some are saying that the Nats’ behavior is bush. I say it’s awesome. If they want to chant in the dugout, do a little dance, bang on some trashcans, then, by all means, let them. Give L-Millz a mic for chrissakes. At least it pumps a little blood into this otherwise lifeless season.

And if a New York pitcher wants to drill a Nat because of it, then Godspeed, Metropolitans. Because you do not want Elijah Dukes coming out of that dugout, dawg.

Other footnotes from the game that was:

Update: After the jump, it’s Figueroa dressed as Prince. The internet is awesome.


Update No. 2: Grab the inevitable Washington Softball Girls t-shirt.

4 thoughts on “Nats Kick Mets’ Ass Like ‘Softball Girls’”

  1. I hate writing a second comment to correct my first, but I thought I typed inappropriate. So either pretend I wrote that or change my last statement to “the former.”

    I still hate the Mets, though.

  2. If Estrada and jailbait never broke the starting lineup again, it would be too soon. I have always liked Flores and I am developing a rather sizable crush on Wil Nieves.

    And I like that they cheered, it’s fun to kick the shit out of the Mets at Shea!

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