Lo Duca Gets Hurt, Is a Tough Guy

loduca_girl.jpgIf you wanna find the good stuff in any game recap, you always have to just scroll all the way to the bottom. That’s where I saw this little gem about Paul “Jail Bait” Lo Duca re-injuring himself last night (hooray!) and then proceeding to talk shit to fans:

Lo Duca reinjured his right hand swinging at an Oswalt pitch in the seventh inning.

Three Astros fans sitting in the first row behind the Washington dugout were ejected from the game soon after Lo Duca departed.

“A couple of guys were obnoxious since the game started and we alerted security,” Acta said. “They were flat out [swearing] from the beginning. It started from the first at-bat.”

Lo Duca said one of the fans challenged his manhood as he was coming off the field.

“I said come meet me after the game,” Lo Duca said. “He turned redder than a ketchup bottle.”

Oh, Pauly, you’re such a tough guy. Meet you after the game! Good one. And I assume you told them exactly where to find you? Let’s be honest here, Jail Bait, you hurt yourself swinging at a pitch. Imagine what actually punching another person would do to your glass hand. (Speaking of glass, it’s typically clear, you know, like a ketchup bottle. It’s the ketchup that’s red, smart guy.)

How about this: As long as you’re hitting .200 and spending half your time on the DL, you aren’t allowed to get upset when fans call you out for your bitch-like tendencies.

Related: Zimmerman hit two bombs last night (5, 6) in the Nats loss, neither of which were walk-offs. But hey, that shirt in the upper right hand corner of the page is still pretty awesome.

3 thoughts on “Lo Duca Gets Hurt, Is a Tough Guy”

  1. LoDuca had a good year and a half for the Mets. Then he began to self destruct. I see those tendencies are getting worse. Glad he’s not in NY anymore.

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