Place Your Bets: CP vs. LaRon

As covered by La Canfora in the Insider on Sunday, Portis and Landry had a disagreement during practice over the weekend. The topic of contention: Who is faster. So, they decided to settle the dispute in the safest possible manner: Push their hamstrings to the brink in a meaningless 40-yard race while the Zorn Star was preoccupied with reporters. Click to view video:


Some more info on the race and how it all went down from the Insider:

It was just a simple play: A screen pass to running back Clinton Portis. But when Portis reversed field to try to beat the defense and starting safety LaRon Landry had an angle on him and ran him down, the friendly jawing started. The trash talk continued into the locker room and soon bets were placed. “We just was in the locker room and betting on it,” Portis said. “I didn’t want him to think ….. you know, I was running sideways and he ran me down and ‘ooohhh,’ you know what I’m saying. Don’t think you got it, bro.”

“Oh, LaRon won, LaRon won,” Fred Smoot shouted. “You know the defensive backfield, we knew we were going to win, that’s why I put out my money there.”

Good to see the Redskins gambling with both their money and their health during the first OTAs of the season. But hey, at least they’re giving us something to blog about, and that’s what really matters.

8 thoughts on “Place Your Bets: CP vs. LaRon”

  1. santana moss sucks, I counted at least 3 dropped balls in the patriots/skins game that I watched on nfl replay the other day.

  2. And probably 5 drops in the Green Bay game as well. But my statement isnst reflecting on his skills, or lack there of, I am stating he is the fastest Redskin currently on the roster.

    But since we are speaking of skills now, he is our best WR on the roster as well.

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