Fred Davis Stays Out Late, Is Sleepy

fred_davis_f202379.jpgThe Skins second overall pick, tight end Fred Davis, needs a new alarm clock. He overslept yesterday morning, missing the final day of the Skins first minicamp. This is a tremendous way to endear yourself to a fan base which is still trying to understand why you’re on this team (Chris Cooley attempts to explain).

Davis’ absence sent the team into a frenzy, as they rightfully assumed he was in trouble with the man as opposed to being stupid enough to sleep through his first camp as an NFL player. The Skins’ security managed to track him down, and although Fred wasn’t available to explain himself, his brother did a fine job of coming up with poor excuses for him:

“I really don’t think it’s anything bad,” Kedran said. “I haven’t talked to him yet, but I talked to his roommate out there, and I’m not hearing anything to really be worried about. Really, I’m assuming it’s nothing bad because he always calls me if there’s something wrong.

“Knowing Frederick the way I do, he was probably just out late and he overslept, he probably just didn’t hear the alarm. And I know he wasn’t feeling too good the other day.”

Right, it wasn’t anything bad. Fred was just out ’til the early morn Saturday night and he may or may not of had a cold a few days ago. Well, in that case, you just go ahead and rest your sleepy little head, Freddy. It’s not like the team has much use for you on the field right now, unless, of course, you can play defensive end. (Can you?)

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  1. john clayton reported some half-assed story about fred davis’ roommate wouldn’t shut up, so he got another room in the hotel to get some z’s, thus he overslept/the team couldn’t find him.

    i’d be less surprised if fred was at the mayor’s house.

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