Nick Johnson Is an Attractive Man

Nick Johnson, who earlier in the season shaved lightning bolts into his head, has been growing an outstanding ‘stache this year, as we’ve mentioned several times, but there has been no decent visual evidence. Apparently AP and Getty don’t focus their lenses on Nick with much frequency. Thankfully, one ambitious photographer finally snapped a pretty good shot of the lip fur:


This isn’t the perfect shot we’ve been longing for, and unfortunately, Agent Steinz doesn’t know how to operate a camera, so we can’t rely on him. Hopefully more photogs become enamored by the ‘stache’s glory and provide us with something more substantial.

Also worth noting: In my “research” for this post, I came across two items of interest. First, Nick Johnson was never meant to be a Yankee. The clean-cut thing just ain’t him. Second, this photo comes up on page 1 when you search “Nick Johnson” in Google images.

5 thoughts on “Nick Johnson Is an Attractive Man”

  1. Ha! Funny timing on this post. I tried like crazy to get a closeup of the lip fur last night, but he always had his head turned slightly to an angle. Darn!

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