Proverb Track Disses Jay-Z’s Diss Track

deshawn-knows-signs.gifWiz-Cavs III is a Wiz fan’s nightmare but a Wiz blogger’s fantasy. And so it goes with the latest rap song focusing on LeBron and DeShawn (via MarcJaycobs) … and it’s not by Soulja Boy!

Note: This excuses us to share the gif of DeShawn doing very bad things.

(Considering this one resides at the intersection of sport, D.C. and hip-hop, it’s no surprise that The Maj tipped us off to it.)

8 thoughts on “Proverb Track Disses Jay-Z’s Diss Track”

  1. To be fair, DeShawn made the gesture much earlier in the game, after he’d been fouled on a layup that resulted in a goaltending call on LeBron, I believe. But, yeah, it is funny … to people who don’t like the Wizards.

  2. Proverb’s joint was whack. And why people are making Jay-Z’s diss out to be a shot against DC is beyond me. Retardedness. But Proverb aka Pantene Pro-V needs to sit down and crack open the book of Proverbs and read the verse specifically for folks that aimlessly run their mouths. Last I checked, this was between Lebron (the check issued to Jay-Z for writing the diss) and weak ass DeShawn who is from Cali (Solidier Boy who was honorably mentioned and may have his own diss). Good try at getting noticed but the joint was weak.

  3. first of all seven, im guessing youre not from DC, because if you were, you would know how seriously we take our sports! A shot at one of out athletes is pretty much the same as a shot at us. Secondly, Jay (who, being a rapper myself, is undoubtedly the best to ever do it) had NO business jumping in.. He showed his true colors because he knew that Deshawn couldnt defend himself successfully in the rap arena. The same Jay that didnt want to respond to Nas or Mobb Deep all of a sudden finds it in him to be petty enough to respond to a basketball player??? Lebron should have used some brainpower and came up with his own dis! And that damn DJ at Love needs to be shot for playing a Wizards dis track 5 times back to back while Wizards and Cavs were present! Finally…Pro’Verb is my homie…we’ve both been multiple winners on WPGC’s Friday Night Mic Fights and of all the reviews ive heard on his song (from well respected rap sites and magazines, The Washington Post, Fox News at 11, DJs of local stations and the thousands of fans who put his song in heavy rotation) YOU ARE THE FIRST HATER!! Shut ya bamma ass up…

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