Wiz-Cavs III: Impossible Night for LeBron

The Blog Show Three — Littles, Steinz, me — hit the whited out Phone Booth for a star-studded Game 3, which turned into a 36-point Wizards win. It was an epic night, and instead of cramming it all into one massive post, I’m breaking this up into five or six parts. So consider this the first in a series …

This was probably a night Queen James would like to forget. Meaning, it was a night I’d like to remember.

First up, a couple of custom tee-wearing Wiz fans who didn’t get the memo about the “white out” until it was too late, but are awesome nonetheless. And, in case you can’t read the back, it says, “It’s our year … No traveling to win allowed!!!”


The crowd gives Jesus Bron Bron the business — “OVER-RATED!” — as he misses a free throw.

LBJ finally makes his way to the podium — 90 minutes after the game was over, mind you.


Of course, he shouldn’t have been in a hurry. The room was maybe half full and the only questions worth a shit were asked by Washington Post columnist Mike Wise.

More to come!

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