Redskins Super Bowl XXII Reunion Pics

dimatulac-mall.jpgSuper Bowl XXII is the best game ever, so excitement ran high upon receiving an online photo album from my old baseball teammate and current Facebook friend Mike Dimatulac depicting his visit to Dulles Town Center for the ’87 Redskins team reunion.

His pics and words are to follow, but, before digging in, you may want to visit the Redskins Warpath message boards for KB24’s photos from the “private pre-party”, including guest appearances from Yahoo! Sports’ newest blogger and his fiancee Christy. On with the show, and catching up with some of the ultimate heroes of my youth …

Ricky Sanders looked very fat and when I saw the joker I said to my self…”Gaaad damn, lose some weight bro”.


I predict a bunch of former players are going to have heart attacks. The fattest of them all is Darrell Grant. That dude looked like he was hanging down south eating bbq three or four times a day.


Dexter Manley was great but I was surprised not many people came up to see him at 1pm. 3pm was a different story.


Doug Williams and Dave Butz was the biggest names at this slot.


Before the signing, Dave Butz went through the line shaking everyone’s hand, and he gave the opportunity for people to take photos with him. That dude is BIG. He also sported his 3 SB rings, which I thought was pretty cool. Doug Williams is fat too but he didn’t go through the line.


Either way… I turned out to be one of those dudes I kinda hate. A freakin nerd who wants to get everyone’s autograph. I blame it on [my wife] since she gave me a signed Joe T. jersey 4 years back for Xmas. That started this whole fiasco.

Oh btw, Gary Clark and Joe Jacoby bailed on the signing. Jacoby had an excuse saying that he was interviewing for an NFL Network position. (I doubt that he’ll get the job since I have a hard time listening that joker speak on the radio. To me he sounds like his nose was broken in 15 million places and he’s breathing through a straw. Plus, he’s has a radio face). Clark just bailed and psgamegear didn’t get a hold of that joker. Also missed Clint Didier but that was mentioned before the signing was held.

More pics (in order): Jeff Bostic, Kelvin Bryant, Ravin Caldwell, Vernon Dean, Raleigh McKenzie, Rich Milot, Neal Olkewicz, Don Warren









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