Good to See Smoot Is Still Partying

Big thanks to The Mayor for the head’s up on this one. ExtremeSkins has a series of photos of Fred Smoot’s birthday party at some place called Club Pose in D.C. Never heard of it, but from the looks of things, it’s some sort of white girl paradise. There are several other choice photos to be seen, but this has to be the best. Nice pinky ring, playboy:


We’ve been able to verify that the dude on the right, using his hand to say “fuck you,” is indeed back-up cornerback Leigh Torrence.

6 thoughts on “Good to See Smoot Is Still Partying”

  1. Leigh Torrence is the one flicking the camera off, and is what we in the DTC refer to as “Crunk”.

    This is what I am sure of:

    1. That is Brenden Haywood of the Wizards in the background. If you need help finding him, he is the tall black guy towering over everyone.

    2. Fred Smoot smokes pot, so does Leigh Torrence.

    3. That white girl in the middle for sure got some Redskin and/or Wizard dick at the end of the night/early next morning.

    *Bonus Mayor story* I sold a Silverado SS to Rashad Bauman, former CB for the Redskins. I also sold him some pot the same day. Like an ounce. He then smoked the entire ounce at my boys house.

    Fast forward 4 years later, Bauman is out of the NFL and GMAC keeps calling me asking where he is. Rashad hasnt made a single payment on the car.

  2. leigh torrence is a great mentor and friend… like comment 1 he is what is considered to be crunk.. so if u wanna publish something u have plenty of grade A celebrities u can mess with… LOSER!

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