The Washington Post Will Not Tolerate Its Employees Enjoying Themselves

ape.jpgThe Washington Post is about to have a blogger shirtstorm on their hands, and trust me, that is not something they want give a deuce about. Yes, WaPo fired one of our own — Christmas Ape of KSK fame — yesterday, two days after he outed himself as Post writer Michael Tunison.

In the process of identifying himself as a human, who lives so far above his mother’s basement that he actually had a mainstream media gig, Mike also posted a photo of himself as being self-described “completely fucking wasted” (see image to your right). In hindsight, that was a mistake, as it was the sole reason he was politely asked to get the fuck out, although the actual language WaPo used was that he brought “discredit to the paper.” But who knew the Post was full of such tightass, buzzkilling narcs? (Actually, Mike probably had an idea seeing as he tagged the post “wapo will fire me in 3…2…”.)

So, Washington Post, today I give a disapproving wag of my finger in your general direction. Yeah, that’s right, I wagged my fucking finger. And as for Ape, don’t cry for him, my friends. We take care of our own. Plus, in Turkey Bowl III last year, he miraculously caught the biggest duck of a pass I’ve ever thrown. His efforts on the gridiron that day will not be forgotten.

Update: My bloggy sense tells me that there will be many a post on the webs today about this. I’ll link them up here: MJD at Shutdown Corner, Ufford at With Leather, Leitch at Deadspin, MDS at FanHouse, Eamonn at We Are the Postmen, Fornelli at Foul Balls.

10 thoughts on “The Washington Post Will Not Tolerate Its Employees Enjoying Themselves”

  1. I’ve read mr irrelevant, deadspin, dc sports blog, kissing suzy kolber, and with leather on a daily basis monday through friday for the past 2 years. Clicking on that link to the washington post NFL blog was the first time I’ve ever been to the site. The Washington Post clearly made the wrong decision.

  2. A child can more easily access Kissing Suzy Kolber than they can the Washington Post. Why are newspapers family friendly anyways? When was the last time you saw an eight year old sifting through the mutha fucking Times or Journal or Post?


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