Bill Simmons and Rod Benson Are BFF

I’m a little fuzzy on what the Boom Tho movement actually is (other than, you know, being a movement), but I love me some Rod Benson. And, apparently, Bill Simmons and his band of nondescript-looking dudes do too.


See, it’s been a big week for Rod. First, “the D-League Gilbert Arenas” was featured in Slam. Then ESPN the Magazine’s site caught up with him. Finally, he’ll be on next week’s episode of E:60. And — oh by the way — he just completed his second season with the NBDL’s Dakota Wizards, leading the league in rebounds with 12.1 per.

So tune into ESPN next Tuesday night, and be sure to grab a Boom Tho t-shirt before, I don’t know, Urban Outfitters makes them ubiquitous.

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