Obligatory Redskins ’08 Schedule Post

zornlist.jpgAs you may have noticed, the NFL schedules hit the streets yesterday. We can mock the ridiculousness of the hype around their release, but let’s be honest: It’s impossible for us to get enough NFL, and these simple reminders that the game we love will once again start anew in four short months get us unnecessarily excited. So with that, here are our thoughts on the Redskins ’08 schedule:

Initial Reaction: Fucking A. All three of our divisional road games fall within the first five weeks of the season. Bullshit.

Secondary Reaction: No, seriously. How the fuck do they schedule the Skins at N.Y. in Week 1, then at Dallas and at Philly, back-to-back, in Weeks 4 and 5? Bullshit.

Cooler Heads Prevail Reaction: The non-NFC East schedule really isn’t bad. We get the AFC North and the NFC West. And we get to play the Lions.

Best Non-Division Game: There two here to get pretty super stoked about. First, the Week 9 Monday nighter against the Steelers should be awesome. Second, Week 14 at the Ravens should be fun, only because Ravens fans hate the Skins, while Skins fans couldn’t care less about their mullet-headed, urban camo-wearing friends to the north.

Predictions: Yes, it’s completely absurd to make predictions this early, given the fact that the draft is in a week and a half, we could still sign Chad Johnson, and injuries are sure to happen in one of our five (5!) preseason games, but here goes:

Me: With an entire new system, it’s virtually impossible to predict how well they’ll do. I certainly don’t think they’ll win more games than last season. Based on the schedule, I see five solid non-NFC East wins (Saints, Cards, Rams, Lions, 49ers), so assuming they can go 3-3 in the division, I’ll go with a 8-8 prediction. Granted, they should win one of, or both of, the Bengals and Ravens games, but there’s also a good chance they won’t go .500 in the East, so that should even itself out.

Jamie: Oh, what I would give for the Skins to reside within the NFC West or AFC East. I mean, we’re looking at an average-to-good team here, happy to go .500 within its own division. Anyway, when I look at the schedule optimistically, I see 11-5. Pessimistically, 7-9. So the true final outcome is probably found therein, and I’m going with a hometown 10-6.

Hogs Haven: A cursory look leads me to think that a 9-7 record is pretty easy to predict. The Rams, 49ers, Cardinals, and Saints and possibly the Lions should be wins. Some of the other home games (Browns, Steelers, division games) are all iffy, but some of them are very winable. And some of the games (Zorn’s return to Seattle, at Cincy, at Baltimore, division games) are very tough. I’m going out on the limb and say 9-7, which is to be adjusted after draft day.

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4 thoughts on “Obligatory Redskins ’08 Schedule Post”

  1. that’s bullshit, why can’t the seahawks come see us for once? I mean we always seem to go there and always seem to lose.

  2. ps: 8-8 will be our record if we are lucky should we keep bad jason campbell and rookie coach (one who’s never even been an O coordinator) jim zorn……

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