Warning: Blog Show Karma Is a Bitch

Remember when Blog Show debuted like a train wreck, and our wounds were seized upon by Chris Miller? No, well, karma doesn’t forget:

If you blinked you missed it, but that was Mr. Miller getting bopped on the head by an errant ball during last night’s Wiz shootaround. Also, it should be mentioned that Chris has been nothing but kind to the Blog Show two of Dan and I ever since that fateful first night. If he wasn’t, karma would’ve done him like it did Antawn.

Programming note: No new Blog Show this week, so watch this best-of from a couple of weeks ago. It’s better than our regular shows anyway.

3 thoughts on “Warning: Blog Show Karma Is a Bitch”

  1. I saw it happen live. Andray decided that he wanted to take one more shot before the end of halftime warm-ups…from beyond half court. I would have laughed harder had I known he was on the air at the time.

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