The Nationals Will Not Lose 159 Games

The power of the jinx remains strong. The last time the Nats won a game before yesterday was April 2. You know what happened the very next morning? I made a post about the Nats starting 3-0 and Zimmerman’s all-around awesomeness. From that day until yesterday, they lost nine straight. But that’s where it ends, the losing will not reach double digits!

Although they tried their damnedest to blow an early 5-0 lead against the Braves yesterday, they still managed to pull out the 5-4 victory. Wily Mo made a triumphant return (0-4 with three strikeouts and an atrocious error) as did The Chief, who came on to get the save in the ninth, but was yanked before he had a chance to lose the game with the bases loaded and two outs. Rauch came on to get the one-pitch save. All this had Bowden ecstatic:

Long after the Washington Nationals mercifully ended a nine-game losing streak yesterday evening, Jim Bowden burst through the door to the coaches’ locker room just off the home clubhouse at Nationals Park. “Manny!” he screamed to his manager, one Manny Acta. “One in a row, baby! On a streak! The lead’s down to three and a half.”

What a douche.

3 thoughts on “The Nationals Will Not Lose 159 Games”

  1. Rich, I meant to pick that post apart a bit when you originally made it. You blast the Nats for their lack of longball production (“The team hit a measly 123 Home Runs last year”), yet go on to say that their new hitters park will hurt the team (“My guess is it will be a hitters park, and that should add to this team’s struggles”).

    I assume what you’re attempting to get at here is that you concede they will hit more homers in the new park, but it will “add to this team’s struggles” because it will hurt their already poor pitching.

    If that is indeed the point you were trying to make (again, one has to assume here), then I suppose it’s valid, but playing in a hitter’s park both helps the Nats’ offense and, in theory, hurts the Nats’ pitching, which kinda negate one another.

    /longest comment ever

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