Dmitri Young’s Best Painted Fingernails Photo Ever, Plus an Insightful Interview

Despite (and perhaps because of) Da Meathook showing up this spring at 298 pounds, going on the DL with a backiotomy and now complaining about the weight watchers, we still love the man. Hell, I painted my nails as a tribute to him, made a Meathook Fanclub t-shirt and bought tickets to Dmitri Bobblehead Night.

Pushing my fan crush one step further is this Q & A found in Nats Park’s free mini-program (thanks, Stan!), Inside Pitch; excerpts and photos from which are found here and after the jump …


What is your favorite movie?

My all-time favorite movie happens to be the Friday trilogy: Friday, Next FridayFriday After Next.

What are your hobbies?

My hobby is collecting baseball cards.

What do you do in the offseason?

What I do in the offseason is I sleep like a bear.

Who is your toughtest matchup on the mound?

My toughest matchup on the mound would have to be David Riske. He throws a little riser, and it’s like I’m about to hit it and I miss it.

What abou the “voodoo hands” ritual?

This came from the days when I played in Cincinnati, from Deion Sanders, he’s quite the influential person. We were on a bus during Spring Training and there were a couple of young girls dresed inappropriately, and he stood up, put his hands up and said “Lord, help them girls,” and did that, and I just about fell out of my seat and I told him I was going to use that. 


4 thoughts on “Dmitri Young’s Best Painted Fingernails Photo Ever, Plus an Insightful Interview”

  1. We need a Mister Irrelevant feature on how Dmitri’s handling the retirement of his favorite wrestler, Ric Flair. I think we may finally know why he’s put on all the weight…

  2. I’m so disappointed that his response to the last question didn’t begin with “The voodoo hands ritual came from…”.

  3. MDT, there was another exchange in this interview that I inexplicably cut. Here goes:

    Who’s your favorite wrestler?

    My favorite wrestler is “The Nature Boy,” Rick Flair … and I cannot do the “woo.”

    Brinson, thank you for noticing that. I found it hilarious.

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