Ovie Wins Game 1 For the Caps

There was a time about 10 years ago when hockey was quite possibly my favorite sport, and the Caps were on par with the Redskins. Between then and now I lost interest for obvious reasons, but last night’s playoff game took me back to a time when I gave a shit. (This probably makes me some sort of bandwagon fan, but I’m sure the Caps, and the NHL in general, will gladly welcome fans wherever they can get them. Besides, I grew up rooting for the Caps, so fuck off.)

Game 1 was back and forth throughout, with the Caps going up 2-1 early, only to fall behind 4-2 in the second. The third period, however, was all Washington, with Green scoring two, and best of all, Ovie notching the game winner on and incredible steal and score with about four minutes left:

Game 2 is tomorrow at two on NBC. I’ll have a spy in the building whose assignment is to take photos/videos of as many douchebag Philly fans as possible so that we may mock them later. Of course, he’ll probably forget his camera and just end up just shit-faced and fist-fighting.

UPDATE: Patrick Thoresen, the Flyer who went down right before Green’s goal in the above clip, might require the removal of one of his testicles, balls, nuts, what have you. That slapper hit him right in the man-bits. Don’t hockey players wear cups? If not, they clearly should consider doing so. Anyway, here’s to hoping his reproductive parts are okay.

5 thoughts on “Ovie Wins Game 1 For the Caps”

  1. Good win for the Caps. They are gonna be a tough team to beat… especially if they can keep taking people out with nut-shots!! I guess you take them how you get them. I think the only teams that can beat them are the Pens and the Montreal.

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