Shhh … Narcoleptic Adam Jones Is Dreaming of Winning the AL East


We don’t want to disturb Baltimore’s franchise cornerstone as the team is atop baseball’s premier division after Week 1. Keep this up (Ed. note: They won’t keep this up.) and it’ll be like another young O’s team picked to be terrible yet magically challenged for the AL East: the ’89 Orioles, whom I wax nostalgic about over at Rumors and Rants for their piece on the blogosphere’s all-time favorite baseball teams.

Update: Via Y! Sports product guru Matt Bloom comes the top 10 funniest MLB profile pictures on Y! Sports. Sleepy Jones comes in at No. 7.

2 thoughts on “Shhh … Narcoleptic Adam Jones Is Dreaming of Winning the AL East”

  1. You do not think Luuuuuuuuuuke Scott can lead the birds to the AL East title? I love the fact that the highlight of this season probably happened on April 6th with yesterday’s big comeback win.

    I have another Orioles question, who are these relievers that are tossing zeros?

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