Get the Ryan Zimmerman ‘Mr. Walk-Off’ T-Shirt, a Mr. Irrelevant-289 Collaboration

mr-walk-off-design.jpgThat’s right, no more “Arial font” t-shirts! Mr. Irrelevant has partnered with twoeightnine design to honor Washington’s finest ballplayer and his knack for game-ending home runs with the Mr. Walk-Off t-shirt; yours now for only $15 $12.50*.

You may recognize the nickname as it was coined by fellow D.C. sports blogger William F. Yurasko on Opening Night, and you may recognize the silhouette as it’s the follow through of the game-winning swing that signaled the start of a new era.

So grab yours now — in red, white and/or blue — and get it in time for your next (and perhaps first) trip to Nationals Park, which hosts 13 games over the next three weeks. Be the envy of your section for the cost of two beers!

* Use coupon code “spreadshirt227” for $5 off the asking price of $20 $17.50.

7 thoughts on “Get the Ryan Zimmerman ‘Mr. Walk-Off’ T-Shirt, a Mr. Irrelevant-289 Collaboration”

  1. KSK may have spoiled me on this, but is there any way to get a girl’s version of the shirt? If so, I’m definitely in for a red one.

  2. Hey guys love the shirt but i have now tried 3 different Credit cards and none will go through any thoughts?

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