Beltway Brims Battle: Cordero vs. Sherrill

Closer is one of the few positions of strength for the Nationals. Chad Cordero, dinged though he may be, can be counted on for three things: 1) an 80% save rate 2) a big belly and 3) a pancake-flat brim. Up in Baltimore, the Orioles are hoping for the same fearsome threesome from their new fireman, George Sherrill, who already has items No. 2 and 3 going for him:


It’s item 1 that remains to be seen as Sherrill (acquired in the Erik Bedard trade) hasn’t closed before, but he was superb in middle relief last season and has three saves and zero runs in his first week with the Birds. Project that across a full season, and you’re looking at Eric Gagne circa 2003 numbers. Or Chad Cordero circa 2005, for that matter.

Until the new guy carries it out, though, I’ll take the Chief and his flat-ass fitted every time. He pulls it down real nice, and he was first, plus the Nats have pulled ahead of the O’s in my fandom anyway.

(A belly bump to the Fashion Ump for the tip on Sherrill’s Beltway Brim.)

2 thoughts on “Beltway Brims Battle: Cordero vs. Sherrill”

  1. As a lifelong Orioles fan and now-hater of the nationals for the same reason I hate the ravens: take your newfound fandom, and stick it up your ass.

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