Zimm’s Walk-Off: Too Good to Be True

When you root for perennial baseball losers, as we do, you hold on to the little things. Although what happened tonight could hardly be considered “little” by any standards.

The most unlikely, and undesirable, Opening Day starter imaginable, Odalis Perez gave us five solid innings, giving up just one run. The Nats managed two runs in the first off Tim Hudson, who was otherwise dominant. With a 2-1 lead in the top of the ninth, Jon Rauch came on in The Chief’s “stiff” place to close the door. He promptly gave up a double to Teixeira, who scored two batters later on a passed ball.

With it now tied 2-2 in the bottom of the ninth, our franchise player, Ryan Zimmerman (stop snickering) came up to bat with two outs. The rest is literally history (I give you the entire at-bat because everything Jon Miller said was quite foreshadow-ish, and the post-walk-off because Peter Gammons is God):

And in case you stopped watching after the homer, you may wanna go back and peep around the 3:10 mark. They show the replay and you can read Zimmerman’s lips: “Get the fuck out.”

9 thoughts on “Zimm’s Walk-Off: Too Good to Be True”

  1. Dare I say Team Of Destiny? This is the most successful venture W’s been involved with all term.

    Rauch was off one of my fantasy league’s waiver wire by his second pitch.

  2. From now on Zimmerman’s nickname is Mr. Walkoff. In a little more than two seasons how many walkoff home runs does he have? Father’s Day, July 4 and now Opening Night of Nationals Park. Great stuff.

  3. You can’t call a 4 year old team “perennial losers”. Yeah the team has never been that good, but it’s not like you’ve been living and dying with this team your entire life.

    Maybe I’m just a bitter Pirates fan, and maybe I’m just missing some tongue-in-cheek humor. Either way, you have to be careful, or you DC fans will quickly become NE fans with all your self-righteous whining.

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