It’s Business Time For Meat Hook, Nats

With the Nationals set to start their ’08 campaign tonight, and officially christen their new stadium, Dmitri Young and Lastings Milledge give us a few last minute pieces of evidence that, regardless of their record, it’s going to be a great season of DC-area sports blogging:


We have searched for an explanation as to why Da Meat Hook was roaming the stadium with a Halliburton briefcase, but have come up empty (Steinz!?). Between Lastings’ PDA hip holster and the briefcase, these two look more like traveling salesmen than ballplayers. Then again, Dmitri doesn’t look like much of a ballplayer even in full uniform.

Two more fantastic photos after the jump.



(All photos courtesy of AP)

7 thoughts on “It’s Business Time For Meat Hook, Nats”

  1. I haven’t been this curious about the contents of a briefcase since Pulp Fiction. The top photo here should be a poster, but serving as my new desktop background will have to suffice.

  2. I’m actually thinking the contents are similar to Kramer when he goes to work and lugs in a briefcase full of Ritz crackers. Only Meat Hook has sausage biscuits.

  3. I’m a complete moron, but my guess would be that they’re shooting a commercial. Either that, or they slang their rock at the ballpark.

    Great pics no matter what. Da Meat’s suit uses a whole lotta fabric.

  4. Phenomenal photo. Absolutely should be a Costacos Bros. 80s-90s-style poster. Thoughts on titles?

    I’m thinking…D.C. Hitmen? Maybe Capitol Punishment? Nationals Security?

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