WVU Students Build One Hell of a
Beer Pong Table

It brings me no joy to admit that I got chills at about the 2:30 mark (don’t cheat yourself by fast forwarding!) when that beat drops. I just appreciate a good beer pong table that much:

I have no information about this other than what is presented in the video, and this from the video’s info: “This beer pong table took just over 400 hours to build entirely. With costs exceeding $1000.”

What a glowing endorsement this is for WVU’s engineering department. Seriously, they should just run this video in place of the typical, cheesy WVU commercial they play during football games.

One thought on “WVU Students Build One Hell of a
Beer Pong Table”

  1. That’s going to look awesome when it’s up in flames in the front yard.

    (I also like to see my cups, the balls and the tits of the girl standing across from me when she bends over to wash her ball when I’m playing ‘ruit. They should have placed LEDs under the triangle and had them switch through the formations.)

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