Chris Webber Retires a Washington Bullet

Mottram bros. friend and favorite interview subject C-Webb hangs ’em up, and, while most remember him as a Wolverine or a King, I’ll always think of him as the last great Bullet. It was he who led the lowly franchise to the ’97 Playoffs (to get slaughtered by MJ) and got caught high on the way to practice (to be traded for Mitch Richmond). So here’s to you, ’95-96 Fleer Franchise Futures Chris Webber. You are forever missed.



5 thoughts on “Chris Webber Retires a Washington Bullet”

  1. “Chris Webber brings hope for the immediate future … although shelved by injuries.” Now, my NBA knowledge is suspect, but doesn’t that pretty much sum up his entire career?

  2. I was there when he got pulled over on 214 and busted for weed.

    And by “there,” I mean I was riding with my pop, screaming in a high-pitched voice, “Look at Chris Webber!”

  3. I think 20.1 pts, 9.6 boards, 4.7 assists, and 1.57 blocks sums up his career.

    I will never forgive you Wes Unseld.

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