The Lopez Twins Heart Michael Jackson

lopez-twins-mj.jpgFar be it from the American Idol-loving brothers Mottram to mock the pop culture preferences of others, but this is somewhat strange. Stanford’s standout twin big men, the brothers Brook and Robin Lopez, love them some Michael Jackson. Seriously. Just look at the wall art, and read this excerpt from last month’s SI profile:

The twins have every song Michael Jackson recorded, going back to the Jackson Five era; Brook listens to the King of Pop’s 1987 hit Speed Demon before every game.

Now, I realize this is old, but I brought it up during Stanford-Marquette and it was the gift that kept on giving. Just about every one of their combined 48 points was punctuated with booze-filled references to “Man in the Mirror,” one white glove, moonwalking, pedophilia and so on. It’s good clean fun, and highly recommended as the Cardinal head into the Sweet 16.

Also, thanks in part to Brook’s overtime game-winner, my perfect bracket walks alone atop the Blogger/Douche pool, which is populated by dozens of bloggers/douches like my brother Chris, who thinks he knows more about college hoops (and Idol) than me. Probably because he does.

Note: While writing this I familiarized myself with the “Speed Demon” video, and this has taken on new levels of absurdity. What a terrible song and odd pregame choice. This has to trump Nowitzki singing Hasselhoff at the stripe.

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