Spencer Hall Blogs From Inside a Tornado

If you didn’t see the news last night, certainly you woke up to it this morning: A tornado ripped through Atlanta last night during the SEC Tournament. Well, my colleague over at The Sporting Blog, Spencer Hall aka Orson Swindle, might just win the Pulitzer Price for Sports Blogging in Extreme Conditions. He was in the Georgia Dome covering the tourney for TSB when the tornado came through.

Spencer managed to write three posts about the madness throughout the night, including a photo essay of the area, which included this gem:

Indeed, the whole thing does seem like it was quite terrifying, especially when you consider the fact that this thought went through Spencer’s head:

Of the things I’d never thought would cross my mind, this thought’s up there: Am I going to die sitting three chairs down from Bill Raftery and Verne Lundquist?

Luckily, Spencer made it out alive. At least, I assume so, I haven’t actually spoken with him this morning. Maybe I should go give him a call now.

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