Maryland Gets One Last Kick in the Teeth

After choke jobs to both Clemson and UVA, the Terps let another one slip against BC, proving that maybe those losses weren’t so bad after all. Maybe they just have a point guard who averages five turnovers per game and can’t play defense. Maybe they just have a senior leader who doesn’t show up in big games and begs out at inopportune times. Maybe they just don’t have anyone else capable of stepping up, and maybe this is just a team that’s only danced once in four seasons.


OK, those first three things are maybes, but that last one is a definite. I’m also definitely not watching this team play in the NIT, because that would be like watching an American Idol contestant perform after being voted off: they’ll suck, it won’t matter and it’ll depress the hell out of me. And I’m depressed enough already.

Update:  Greivis says, “I just can’t see myself in [the NIT]. It is what it is.” And in one soundbite puts his detachment from reality on display while also spewing my least favorite cliche. Impressive.

3 thoughts on “Maryland Gets One Last Kick in the Teeth”

  1. Now was that really necessary? This member of the Steinberg family followed the Maryland score via a balky air card throughout a much-delayed train ride back to D.C. And you know, like any real Maryland follower, I thought “man, this is a bad sign” when they jumped out to that early lead.

    Any, Mottrams, join me in supporting AU on Friday afternoon and UMBC on Saturday.

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