Mason Is One Win From the Dance


Just like last season, Mason headed into the CAA Tourney knowing they had to earn their bid by winning the whole damn thing. And just like last season, they’ve made it to the CAA championship game. But unlike last year, all that stands between Mason and the Dance is William & Mary, who pulled off the major upset over VCU in the semis today.

The two will fight for an automatic bid tomorrow night at 7PM. Mason and W&M only played once this season, and the Patriots won 60-54 in Fairfax.

Granted, this is all bad news for Maryland (and any bubble teams) seeing as VCU is now likely to steal an at-large, giving the CAA two teams in the field. But two more ACC wins for the Terps, and it won’t matter anyway.

(Photo from the CAA Zone, which described Birdsong’s slam against Northeastern Saturday night as the dunk of the tournament.)

UPDATE: Nevermind that bit about Maryland being a bubble team.

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  1. Maaan, William and Mary ain’t nufin’ but a bunch of rich ass, cracker ass, preppy ass bamas, son. What they know ’bout a bunch of ballers from Baltimore? Ain’t shit, dats what.

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